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Putting a transparent picture on a background.

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I am pretty new to this PDN and I couldn't find the solution to my problem. I looked all over the FAQ and search. Could someone please inform me how to put a transparent picture onto a background?

I have this picture:


and I want to put it on this background:


Thanks for your help!

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did you save capture as a png? with transparency.

you will need to open picture suggest capture first

then under layers along the top import second picture from file. that should get you started.

suggest that you use the eraser and get rid of some of those stray black pixals around your figure first. just zoom in and erase them out for now they will show up big time and spoil all your work if you don't take the few mins to do that

in this case unless you knew it was under layers when you used the help F1 button you'd probably have searched for ages.

here is the info read this it might help you out a bit more. http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/LayersMenu.html

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hi, this could help you need to read carefully "layers" as OMA told you, thats very important if not you wont go far using this program. took 5 minutes do this:15750_953554d734d41ce196430075df0c78d8. from 2 pics you posted. you need to resized ur "surfer" pic to the size of ur "background" first, then just paste... when you save a pic try to save as png so when you open it, doesnt appear that little squares.... :P .. gl

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ty crimson.. not everybody is as fast as you are :roll: , but actually took me maybe 1 minute total (including erase the background of the first pic).

That took you 5 minutes? If you're at all effective, it should have happened in about 15 seconds. [/sarcasm]

In other words, add a new layer ( :AddNewLayer: ) and paste your transparent picture into the new layer. :wink:

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