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Is it possilbe to... (Sharpening photos)

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PDN has a built-in Sharpen function under the Effects > Photo menu, and you can download an implementation of UnSharp Masking as well. UnSharp Masking is more advanced and thereby more difficult to use at first, but it can yield better results if you find the right mixture of settings.

As a side-note, make sure you add a little description to your thread titles. "Is it possible to..." makes no mention of what you're wondering about, so I had to click to come in here before I knew whether or not I could help. Adding description to your titles makes sure your thread catches the eye of those knowledgeable on the subject and reduces pointless views - it's friendlier to the helper, and it doesn't force people who may not be able to help from entering then leaving, making it look like people are ignoring you. I've edited the title for you here, but please keep it in mind for the future. ;)

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