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Paint.net + Shader Effects

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I had this lingering idea in the back of my head the last couple of weeks.

I thought I would share this idea with the paint.net community and hear what they thought of it.

I think it's a totaly new approach to things, and perhaps something that could realy make a massive difference to an application such as paint.net

By now most of you should know what shader language is.

e.g. HLSL, CG and GLSL

If you don't please google those words and read up on what you are missing out on.

Primaraly this technology is only reserved for 3D applications.

A very good example of where this technology can make a very huge difference in 2D applications is an effect such as parrallax mapping.

Because these shaders allow texture manipulation, with the help of some good shader developers or the use of existing opensource effect files, you can bring the power of GPU processing to 2D paint applications.

Those of you who know what the hell I am talking about, please make some comments for or against so that we might brainstorm on this.

ps. I have not yet looked at the paint.net api, but if the api would allow for this, such an addition does not need to be build into the application self, but as a plugin system.

Just a thought ;)

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I had a look at codelab.

It's a very nice package but not even close to what I am talking about here.

For starters codelab uses the standard 2D pipeline drawing on a 2D canvas using C# code.

I am talking about shader development.

HLSL code run on the 3D pipeline on the GPU and not the CPU.

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