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How to select/edit color?

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I can't change the color that I'm using. I can use the color picker, but I want to change to something not in the image!


Also, I can't actually change the image. The pencil, paintbrush, and bucket tools are being useless right now! How do I change an image to have a transparent background instead of black, if it's only one layer?

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To manually enter a color, use the Color Menu. If it's not currently visible, click the little color-wheel icon in the upper-right corner of the Paint.Net window


If you can't edit the image, make sure you don't have a selection, since you can only edit within the selection. Use Edit>Deselect, or hit Ctrl+D, to deselect any current selections. Also make sure you have the right layer active if you have more than one.


I'm not exactly clear on that you want regarding making a background transparent instead of black, but you might look at the Make Transparent plugin.

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Documentation covering the Color Window will help explain all: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ColorsWindow.html

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