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Specif '.PDN' MIME Type?

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Quick question that search did not reveal: does the PDN default filetype have a set MIME Type? For once I have a server that will allow for PDN uploading yet I have found no public resource on the default MIME Type the '.PDN' is associated with.

Thanks in advance!


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Maybe image/x-paintnet.

Since .pdn is an image media type, it should thus fall under the image main group. But since "Any format without a rigorous and public definition must be named with an "X-" prefix", because .pdn is at the moment just the internal data structure just put together and zipped, and lacks specification?

And after that "x-" prefix, the name of the program would be suitable.

This is only a guess, or a possible suggestion, not an educated answer.


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I think it would default to "application/octet-stream" since it doesn't have a MIME type that is used by any program yet - so let's introduce "image/x-paintnet" as Zagna proposed

I would write plugins, if I knew what kind of plugins were needed.. :(

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