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X-Gallery #2


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I also like the xylophone; clean and well made! I'll look forward to seeing more of your work. Also, in your Wii, i suggest making it without the black outline, and changing the perspective, as it looks wrong right now (take a look at picture of a Wii, and you'll see the difference. In the end it'll look much better. :wink:

Merry Christmas


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For the sigs, putting a render right in the middle usually makes it a little boring. Sigs containing a render that is doing an action spices it up a little. And try to make backgrounds containing some of the same colors the render does, or complementary colors to the render's. Just saying. xD I love a lot of your work though. I can only make sigs and wallpapers, but can't render stuff like Xbox 360s or Windows icons, etc. :cry: Nice gallery! xD

P.S. - For the advice I gave on the sigs, only applies for about 1 or 2 of them. :wink:


Lego's deviantART.

La De Da...

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