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Submenu flashing info problem

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Effect Submenu flashing info box problem

Pdn 4.0.9

When trying to access an Effect at the bottom of the Distort submenu, the information box flashes on and off, making it very difficult to select the effect.

I don't actually have that many effects installed on Pdn4 but the distort submenu is overcrowded.

Turning off animations in setting makes no difference and I can't see a way to turn off the info boxes for effects?

I am currently working on a new effect begining with the letter W - I think I'll have to rename it!... or start a new Submenu, 'Distort +'? ;-)


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The flashing is a tool tip conflict. It only happens at the very bottom of a long menu. See post #14 in the link below

Makes it hard to select the plugin doesn't it?

There is no remedy I know of - except for reducing the number of plugins!

Ref: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/27797-cannot-select-last-visible-plugin-in-stuffed-menu/

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Your memory is good E.E.R! - I didn't have Pdn 4 back then ... when we were all young ;)

Pyro's explanation makes sense of what's happening. May I suggest some possible (or impossible) solutions?
I realize and appreciate the work Rick puts in but this is a very annoying bug.

1. Could the tool tips in effects only be activated by mouse over + right click?
2. Could the tips be anchored to open to the right of the Submenu drop-down list?
3. Could there be a choice in settings to turn off tool tips? (ideally just in Effects but if necessary all tool tips).
4. Last option - completely remove the Effects tool tips and jigsaw icons and rely on the Plugin browser.
(Probably the least popular with Rick but you do get a sample picture and a search function!)

I the meantime, I will probably move the effect I'm working on to a less crowded Submenu or change the name. (Aardvark?  :lol: )


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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Suggestion #2 might work. I'm not sure that sort of fine control of tool tips is possible.

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