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edit yourself as if you appeared in the photo more than once

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i'm trying to make one of those photos where you see the same person appear in the photo like 5 times just in different positions.

so i'm trying to make it look like there's two of me in a photo.

i've been playing around with the layering but i'm just getting frustrated.

help would be really awesome.

and it would definitely make my day!

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Hello kaitlynboo, welcome to the forums!

As Ryu (is it okay if I call you that?) said, the tutorial on Cutting out Images will help a lot in your endeavor.

However, many other things will affect what your outcome will look like.

Preferably, you should take all your pictures from the same angle, I'd recommend using a tripod. If you don't have one, just set it on a surface and take all your pictures without moving it.

Second, lighting is also very important in making photomanipulations look realistic. Try taking all the pictures at the same time of day, or, block out the natural lighting (sunlight, etc.), and use artificial lighting.

Call me expired. Please.


Don't go counting your chickens before the pack of rabid ravaging foxes attacks. -Sozo
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and use plenty of feathering

Not to say that feathering is a bad idea, but keep in mind, overuse of feather may cause it to look unrealistic. What I would suggest is using the Clone Stamp tool to copy yourself in different positions in the same scene.

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Luckily not this one.

As to the topic, wasn't there something like this in the Pictorium only recently. I can't seem to recall whom it was, but someone young, placing themselves numerous times around a dining table. My memory fails me these days...

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