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Try repairing the .NET Framework. Then use the Paint.NET Repair tool found in the Paint.NET folder.

Do the above 1st.

Now it time for questions.

Have you ever deleted Paint.NET before ?

Have you moved Paint.NET around on your Computer ?

Are you logged in as an admin as Paint.NET needs admin rights for installing and uninstalling from my understanding.

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How do I do that? O:

Cause right now there's only one file left in the paint.net file (not sure what happened in there)


I clicked on PaintDotNet_1130561479 & PaintDotNet_1001494142

and I got this message "To install this product, use the setup wizard"




Umm, let me explain more 8D

So I was going to upgrade to the version but while installing the new version, my comp froze, so I restarted my comp.

and now, this happened

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