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Directional fill / dash type?

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See example picture.

Is this already possible in paint.net? It's kind of a bitch to do by hand.

If the picture isn't clear enough: What I want is a fill or dash type option that is always directed in the longitudinal direction of the line. So a sort of multicolored dashed line. Is this possible? Plugin? Help please.


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Well, I did use search, and did see that plugin, but it´s not what I mean. Added another line in the picture in the TS to show what I want.

The only way to do that (afaik) is draw a normal line and then add another line over it with a different dash type. Problem is its ugly and there are only two different types. Anyone?

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From your post, I'm guessing you know about the dash/dot funtion for the line tools.

If not, press F1 key while using Paint.NET

If you know baout that, then...

1. Select 1st color black, 2nd color yellow.

2. Add new layer.

3. Draw dotted line while holding shift key and use the right mouse button.

4. Align object plugin.

5. Add another new layer

6. Draw dotted line while holding shift key and use the left mouse button.

Make it either 1 dot more or 1 dot less.

ie. If black is 30 dots then yellow is either 29 or 31 dots.

7. Align object again on the new layer.


Merge top layer down (don't merge down to the background), and :RectangleSelectTool: select the black/yellow line and use :MoveTool: Right mouse button to rotate the line, to get different angles.

*Holding the shift key while drawing lines makes it easy to keep em the same angle.


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Thanks for the tip, but its still a long way to go for a simple line. But I guess theres no alternative, so I'll use that.

If anyone has some time left over and feels like making a plugin, make a dash type plugin with multiple colors (so instead of empty spaces, spaces with the secondary color).

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