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Basic Feature Help for a New User

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i recently downloaded paint.net and was making an ad when i came across some problems which i have yet to overcome. Im sure they are probaly really stupid questions to ask but i need help.

1. After i place an image into a document and then reselect it, is it possible to select it again?

2. After i type a sentence and then either select a new tool or go to a new area to type, im then unable to select my previous typing and change it nor delete it.


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1. Typically, when you paste a new image into an existing image, you should paste it to a new layer. Then, you can select it again easily.

2. Once text is "finalized" it becomes a bitmap and is no longer editable as text. This is another thing you will want to do on a new layer. This way, you can delete it and start again if you make a mistake.

BTW, I edited your post title. Please read the rules: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446 before posting again. Welcome to the board.

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