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Non-greyscale black and white

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I have a need to submit patent drawings which have no greyscale (i.e. precisely no greyscale-all pixels are either 0 or 255). While the "adjustment/curves" feature can be used to approximate that, I need to actually have precisely no greyscale. Is there any way of doing that?

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Nope. It uses grayscale


This adjustment desaturates an image, removing all color information and rendering the image in grayscale.  The resultant image will be reinterpreted in black, white & shades of gray.


Ref: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/AdjustmentsMenu.html

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You're right, of course. Don't know what I was thinking.


How about following the B&W with Adjustments>Posterize, with the number of levels set to 2. That should work.


A more flexible choice is Ed Harvey's Threshold plugin. (A disadvantage is that it's part of a large plugin package. They are, however, very useful effects.)

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