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just downloaded paint.net -cant find it

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You could try the Search tool that comes with windows to try and find were you saved it to. You could also just redownload it and save it somewere that you will remember.

Once downloaded you will need to unzip it and run the exe file.

Make sure you got the .NET Framework 2.0 or higher install 1st.


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i already went to start and all programs and its not there. i also did a scan of recent downloads and the scan showed no paint.net download even though i did it this afternoon..i could do it again..and if it still doesnt show up anywhere, then something is preventing it from showing..this is first time iam trying to use another paint application. im used to using the built in windows paint feature :AllColorChannels:

(edited) i just did it again..and windows shutdown and restarted it happened the last time..been having IE problems lately.

so i may have to find another way or wait till my ISP can fix my net connection :shock:

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He using IE so it not like firefox with the preset option of a download folder.

When your downloading from IE and it pops a box up in front of you. Make sure you click Save and pick your Desktop.

I would also do a few scans as your ISP has notting to do with the program IE. So if IE is acting up then you may have a virus or adware.

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no..i have automatic virus and spy scans that come on at certain intervals..so its all good..its not a big deal really..though its perplexing lol :|

Most automatic scans are fast scans. They take a fast look at a file and move on. You should do full scans once a month. Also as I said before, Your ISP has notthing to do with the IE program. So any bugs in there are your problem not theres. There job is just to give you access in and out of the backbone.

Also make sure you got a good virus scanner. I have had virus scanners that I paid for like Northen and it got out beat by a free virus scanner that could fine more virus.

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