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Saving Error!

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Okay, so I spent a LONNNNGGGGGGG time on something. When I was finally finished, I went to go save it. I know that it usually saves showing you a kind of preview of what it looks like. It didn't do that! The little loading bar the (the one that goes up to 100%) came up and did nothing else. It was in my picture files, but It wasn't saved under .PNG! It was saved under Paint.NET image (which is NOT gonna upload on Photobucket!)...Can anyone help me figure out why this is happening to me? I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks.


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The default file type for single layer images is PNG.

The default file type for MULTIPLE layer images is PDN (Paint.NET's own format).

In the "Save As..." dialog box, simply change the image type (below the file name) to your desired type before pressing the SAVE button.

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