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Plugin Request: "True Feather" without the feather/blurring

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I tried searching using half a dozen or so keywords, and I browsed through Ash's PDN page twice, but I can't find anything like this. Rotate/Zoom is not what I am looking for. I hope this post makes sense. I want a plugin that will contract/thin the shape. It's like the 2nd picture, but for the shape not the selection

BoltBait's Feather plugin can do something similar to this, but I don't want the edges to be feathered/blurred/modified, just the thickness of the lines.



PS: For clarification, I am not requesting for a contract selection tool. That has already been requested before.



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When you check the "True feather" check box in my plugin, it does not blur the image in any way. It only effects the alpha level of the edge pixels.

So, I'm not sure what you're asking for... :?

Perhaps you need to mix my "True feather" with my Transparency adjustment plugin to get your desired results.

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