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Nice EER!   It's just like a small executable called Pivot that I used to play around with. It also saves files as *.stk.   Nice plugin!!     :)  :beer:  :pizza:

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Hey Dude :D .


Me having problems with Sticky Man :( .




Can't get the Manual.  It's saving as a .stk but pics not recognized unless one is actually in the Stick man itself.





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Eli: have you tried increasing the scale? It might give you some separation. If that doesn't work please save the figure and PM it to me.

Seerose: Wonderful! Thank you.

TechnoRobbo, Red Ochre & Boltbait: Thank you my friends!

Lynxster4: I hope the file extension will not be a problem for you. I chose *.STK off the top of my head :D

Flamer & Pixey: you can't open the manual because of the permissions set on the paint.net/Effects/ folder. Here's how to fix that...

1. Navigate to the paint.net installation folder.

2. Right click on the Effects folder > Properties

3. Click the Security tab.

4. Give yourself Full Control by checking the check box.

5. Apply this setting & click OK to exit.

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I think, that the problems with the manual are a result of missing rights of PDN to write in the "Effects" folder. On my system the manual was created without problems.


Oh ... some seconds to late....

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@Flaner: create an animated stick figure by rendering to successive layers. Each layer should contain the figure in a slightly different pose to create the illusion of motion.

The layers can be animated (I.e saved) in the AGIF format with the Animated Image file type plugin. Once saved all you need to do is rename the file extension from agif to gif.

*.STK files are data files not images. They contain XML data which StickMan parses to draw the figures.

Iron67 - you are correct.

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Highlight each of the entries in the top box of the Security tab dialog. One or more of them will have Full Control deselected. Click the Edit button to change the setting. Then Apply. Do that for each of the entries which don't have Full Control.

Win 10 can be a bit if a pain in the security area. I've applied full control to nearly everything on my system ;)

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Just a thought - do you have both Paint.Net (3.5.11) and paint.net (4.0.9) installed?
If so are you checking the permissions for the right Effects folder?... you probably are, as Stickman wouldn't shouldn't* work at all in the wrong folder.


* see post 20


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^^ Wow. I didn't expect that. Thanks for the info dipstick.


Pixey: glad you got it working. I'll add the PDF manual to the first post in case others also have permissions trouble. In fact I can see I'll need to rewrite some of the first post.


ReMake has begun a translation into Russian. I'll absolutely endorse it of course! Thanks ReMake.

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