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Printing Origional Size

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I'm having trouble....

I scaned an image (7.59cm by 14.50cm) and I am trying to print it to the exact size of the origional scaned picture, but it will only let me print a full size page or the wallet size prints.

Please help! :?

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SearedIce offered some excellent advice about this not to long ago. After you have finished editing your image, enlarge the canvas area to 8x10 or what have you, then print. NOTE: When enlarging the canvas, the newly acquired free space will be colored according to your secondary color. If you don't want it to be colored, change the alpha to zero.


Start out with a blank 8x10 canvas and paste your finished image onto it.


- DO NOT contact me asking for the .pdn of my avatar or the PDN logo. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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If you get the image size right using paint.net you can then just import it to microsoft word or something and print it that way.

If you set the zoom in Word right you can get the paper size on the screen to exactly match the size of paper in real life, and so you can edit the image size to suit by comparison if you like.

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