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Jaggies on text?

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1. ALWAYS put your text on it's own transparent layer.

2. Ensure that you have Antialiasing in the Tool Bar turned ON (enabled).

3. Play with the three Text Rendering Modes (also found in the Tool Bar).

REF: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/TextTool.html

If these don't smooth out your text, run either AA's Assistant or Object Feather over the layer.

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Duplicate your text layer. On the lower layer do the black outlining then fill everything inside the outline with black.

The last step can be achieved by shift+clicking on the region surrounding the text then invert the selection with Ctrl+I. Press Backspace to fill with the Primary color (if black) or use the Paint Bucket.

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Duplicate the text layer :DuplicateLayer:  . Use Outline object on the lower layer and Feather or AAassistant on the top layer then merge down? :MergeLayerDown:


Edit - if hadn't wasted 2 minutes finding those icons I would have beaten E.E.R.! :lol:


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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For text, I suggest :

1) Add a new layer.

2) Choose the text tool and choose your font (note: some font will have nicer edges compared to other font).
3) If needed, adjust the text tool settings as EER suggested in post #3.

4) Type your text.
5) If you have rough or jagged edges, try a blurring effect or edge smoothing plugins such as Feather or AA's assistant. I often will do a blur effect or a low feather and then duplicate the layer to re-harden the edge and yet keep things smooth, and then merge the text layers together. Or, I will Feather and then run AA's Assistant.


Other ideas would be to do a small blur or feather, and then re-harden or crisp up the edges using the sharpen effect or a transparency plugin.


For outlines:

1) Add a layer and type your text.
2) Smooth the edges of the text.

3) Use an outlining plugin. Boltbait has one. PyroChild has one. And Drop Shadow can be used to make outlines too.


If the 3-steps way doesn't work, try this...


1) Add a layer and type your text.
2) Duplicate your text layer (you want two text layers).
3) Turn off the bottom text layer. Smooth the edges of the top text layer.
4) Turn on the lower text layer and use an outlining plugin on that text.

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