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PDN Preview Handler for Vista

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Recently, I stumbled upon an interesting article describing how to add custom preview handlers in Windows Vista. This does not pertain the thumbnails shown in Vista's explorer but the area in the right which can be enabled.



This has been done for Photoshop PSD files:

http://www.codeproject.com/KB/vista/Pho ... ndler.aspx

Also it obviously works for Outlook 2007:


As there is already a PDN shell extension which allows thumbnail generation, it would be a nice extension.

I hope it does not already exist - I don't have Vista (yet).

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Not sure. It's just not a high priority right now. I'm 18,000 lines of code in to Paint.NET 4.0, currently getting certain layer composition stuff to work right (why do I see black instead of the checkerboard, bleh). So this is not something I'm thinking about at all right now.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Is it a huge step from the current shellex to the preview handler?

After having a look at that tutorial and watching the tutorial video by Daniel Moth I decided to have a go at making one to see how hard it was.

I managed to make one for .cs files using my c# text box that I made for CodeLab some while ago, and, well, it turned out pretty good, with only about 10 lines of new code that I had to write. It was actually incredibly easy.

I tried to make one for .pdn's, but to do that I had to reference the Paint.NET dll's which aren't strongly signed, so it wouldn't let me install it after I'd made it. If the Paint.NET dll's were signed with a strong name key it would not be too much work for me to finnish it off.

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OK, after copying a lot of Paint.NET source files from one place to another to get around that error and a lot of messing around, I think I've done it, Check it out.

As your plugins indicate, you're great at coding.

Would you mind to make it public so it can be tested on different systems/conditions? I'm interested, as I'll switch to Vista soon and such a preview handler would be a nice welcome gift.

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OK, sure, I just need to clean a few things up, maybe even add a tool tip or something showing info like the amount of layers, size, etc and then I'll post it.

On a kinda related note, does anyone know if the explorer background colour changes depending on your theme or does it allways stay white, I don't use themes or anything so I don't know, it would be good if I could get the background to work with the system theme.

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For a first relaese, I would not care too much for the background. Further information (layers etc.) would be cool, however.

Regarding the background, the PSD handler does not change it to grey - that's what the picture shows. If you took their code, take a look on it - maybe a typo?

I don't think you will get any information about that here, the choice would be a theming or Windows developement forum, I would say. Also I don't think many people use themes on Vista. "Aero" can be customized and the themes I saw are ugly or don't differ that much from the built-in stuff.

You may test it on different computers, so you can see wether the background stays white or not etc. If you don't use (custom) themes, the problem should be the handler.

Can you switch back to the "classic" theme to do a test?

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