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Why can't I paste a forum post from clipboard?

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I saved the settings, closed the editor, logged out, closed IE and reversed the procedure to get back to here.

Why can't I do a CTRL + V or Use the paste icon to paste the text from EditPadLite into this page? I ALWAYS put my text into a text editor because too many times, I have seen forums screw up or timeout and then you loose all that you have typed.



I went to the PDN forum on a Win XP Pro machine and copy/paste worked fine, which is how I finally pasted one edit to my original posting. On XP I don't get a pop-up window that says "Do you want to allow this web page to access your clipboard?" [Allow access] / [Don't Allow] like on both of the 2 Win 7 Pro machines that I have tried (unsuccessfully) to copy/paste on. WTF? I've never seen that one before, but it must be something related to M$'s obsession with security. I may have to do some more research unless somebody can mention a quick fix to this anomaly.

This copy/paste topic is all over the M$ forums, and as usual, the buttholes have done nothing to address the problem. "Start in safe mode," "run SFC," "reset your IE settings," the list from their cookbook goes on and on from the lame M$ moderators and "gurus" (?).


Time out for a hydraulic sandwich from a   :beer:  . . .

I mucked around for about an hour, tried Group Policy Editor to modify copy/paste functions (which M$ had suggested), and that didn't work and then came back and found that Eli B) had posted "Select the "Text tool" before pasting." OK, I'm easy, so what is the Text Tool? I hovered over all of the icons in the editor, tried the three that related to paste (they didn't work) and then found the one in the top left corner that looks like a switch when I zoomed to 300% to be able to see it. It was the only icon that didn't have a hover popup, but a click on it changed the font from a proportional to a fixed-pitch courier font. THEN, I was able to paste text from EditPadLite. :lightning:

Problem finally solved, but my question remains, why is this the only forum that I have encountered, in over 15 years of doing this, that does not allow an unhindered CTRL + V?

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Me too. Cut & Paste seems to work flawlessly for me.


Is Editpadlite a conventional text editor or something else?

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Couple of things.


1. I don't know why you're having any issues pasting content here.  I do it literally every day.  Are you sure you have the cursor in the right spot?

2. Please reply to posts, don't just edit your original after others have replied.  Otherwise we are unlikely to see that anything has changed.

3. Eli misunderstood and it trying to help you with the Paint.NET program itself, not the forum.

4. Why on earth are you still using Windows XP?  It's been about two years since Microsoft discontinued support for the OS.  You're really just begging to have your computer taken over and made part of a botnet, or have your personal information stolen.  Please upgrade as soon as possible.


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From your other post, it seems that you have something on your system that's wreaking havoc with your clipboard, possibly something that runs at startup. I would focus my search somewhere other than Paint.NET. 

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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1) Cursor has always been in the right spot.

2) Point taken. Thanks!

3) Eli's misunderstanding of the problem helped me, by mistake, find out what worked on the forum. What, specifically is the purpose of the "switch" icon (with no hover text to describe it) on the forum editor tools upper left corner? I see that it changed the font from a proportional font to monospaced Courier, but that change, and only that change, was the only thing that allowed me to copy/paste in the PDN forum on FOUR different Win7 Pro machines in my house. Like I said, copy/paste works fine on the XP machine, and the only reason I tried it is because of copy/paste problems with IE11 that were mentioned on the M$ forums. I think it would be an extreme coincidence if the same event is wreaking havoc with the clipboard at startup on 4 different machines, one of which is a brand new Win7 Pro installation with UAC enabled and minimal changes to it.

4) I AM using Win 7 on all my active machines, but rather than upgrading a "beater" XP Pro laptop with a retarded processor that will eventually be trashed, I use it as a dedicated PC in the living room at this time of year to feed my 50" flatscreen TV with the live video from my American Kestrel nestbox cam. Hatching starts next week.

I can see that the switch "exposes" the HTML formatting commands, but only with those commands "exposed" (showing the Courier monospaced font) am I able to copy bare text from Notepad or EditPadLite into the editor. Any ideas why copy/paste works on an XP PC and not a Win 7 one?


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The switch icon turns off UBB formatting, showing the raw text with the tags instead. For example, instead of showing bold text, it will show the text preceded by "B" in square brackets, and followed by "/B" in square brackets. Type in some text, apply some formatting, then turn off the switch and you'll see what I mean.

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