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More Control Over Twirl, Swirl, Twist?

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Is there an addon to help Twist?


I did a clean install of Windows 10 and have the current Paint.net.  I like the Effect > Distort > Twist but it lacks very specific area control.  Instead of sliders I would rather have the swirl appear on the picture where I clicked down with my mouse pointer.  With the slider I cannot reach the top or bottom of the photo so I am only able to give a decent twirl to the left side.  When I try to swirl the right side upper top I cannot get it tight enough.  Are there any addons that work with twirling, swirling, and shaping individual pieces of the picture rather than the entire picture as a whole?


Thank you in advance for any help.



Example photo below is not by me!  I am not the artist or the corporation that created this wallpaper/icon.  Link to original here.



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A work around that might work for you would be to flip the image vertically and then horizontally, do the twist and then flip it back to the original position. 



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I don't see the problem getting the 'twists' where you need them but I do notice repeated use of Distort/Twist severely degrades the quality of the whole image?
Seems to be blurring pixels outside of the twist radius (I was using it at lowest quality setting).


You could try Pyro's Liquify plugin, that has a twist option and allows you to click the centre point on the U.I.http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=20688


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Try making a selection prior to running the twist effect. This will confine the effect to the area selected, so you can more accurately target specific regions in your image.

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