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Changing Font Color After Scanning

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Hello everyone, my question concerns the picture provided. I'm trying to scan this autograph and put it on another picture, for gaming profile pictures. But, I want to make the font white instead of black because it doesn't look well on the background that I'm using. Is there anyway to change the color of the text without having to manually color it in?


By the way, if this is in the wrong topic I apologize.


Thank you!


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I assume you want to also change the background, since otherwise it would be white on white, which would be easy to do, but not too useful. Making the background transparent seems the most useful, so I'll assume that's what you want to do.


There's a very useful and easy-to-use plugin to do that called Make Transparent. After you've installed the plugin, load the image, set the Primary Color to white,  then run Effects>Color>Make Transparent. All the white will be replaced by transparency.  (You could also leave the Primary Color as black, run Make Transparent, and use its color-wheel control to set the color to erase to white).)


Now to make the font white. Run Adjustments>Hue/Saturation. Move the Lightness control to 100, and the text will be white. (There are other ways to do it, but this one is easy.)


EDIT: Here's an easier way.


Run Adjustments>Invert Colors to make the text white on a black background.

If you then want the background to be transparent, run Make Transparent with the Primary Color set to (the default) black.

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