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A small problem when drawing on Huion K58 Graphic Tablet

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Hi guys,


When I draw on Paint.Net using the Huion K58 graphic tablet and its pen, I have a small problem.


I will demonstrate my problem with these 2 pictures. This line of text was drawn with Paint.Net:





And this is the same line of text if I draw on the Windows built-in Paint program (which is fine).




The problem is that, when I draw 2 close points, sometimes they are automatically connected, which creates a line. This problem is clearly exposed with letter 'T' in the first picture.


Some additional info:


- I haved tried the registry fix "UI/EnableSmoothMouseInput"="False". No luck.

- The problem only occurs in Paint.Net. It does not happen with the built-in Paint in Windows.

- I use Paint.Net 4.0. Windows 7 SP1 x64.


I love Paint.Net and I dont want to switch to another tool just because of this problem. Please show me how to fix this problem?




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Hi @Robert89 and Welcome to the forum :) .


This is a stab in the dark - have your tried to lower the hardness?




Also ..... another stab in the dark - perhaps try switching off Hardware acceleration, which you can do by going to the upper right hand side of the canvas, where you will find a cog :Settings: and click on that.


If I'm not mistaken, PDN does not have pen sensitivity, but the hardness may make a difference.


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You're correct, Paint.NET does not have pen sensitivity.  Not yet, at least.  It's on the feature request list.  I don't know if hardness would do anything, but it's worth a shot; hardware acceleration might help.


But from what I'm seeing, it looks like the refresh rate of the tablet is just slower than you're moving, so as you come across to make the crossbars on the Ts, it checks and sees that your stylus is down (at the top of the T), and when it checks again your stylus is already down to make the crossbar, so it doesn't recognize that you've lifted the pen from the surface.  This doesn't explain why it works better on Paint, but one problem at a time.


A way to test this is to draw the same shape very slowly and then very quickly.  If the artifact shows up while you're moving quickly but not slowly, the refresh rate is likely the problem.  Can you turn up the refresh rate on your tablet?  (might be called "sensitivity")


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