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Remove belly

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Maybe this might spark some ideas.

On the left is your "before" picture; on the right is the "after" picture.

Both are cropped to the same dimensions.

For the after picture, I used Bulge with a negative number (in this case -37) centered over your midsection.

Then used Smudge to drag the shirt down over the shadow created by the belly, to make it look like the belly doesn't stick out so much.


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May I ask, why are you posting random photographs of extraordinarily tall giraffe and anti-gravitated people, all of which with no relevance to the request at hand?

As for the enlarged stomach, I would remove some of the under-shadow of the belly area - it is the shadow that gives the impression of size, therefore a removal of a moderate amount would equally remove that impression. I would use the Clone Stamp again. No, I'm not been funny by recommending the same tool for all your requests, I seriously do suggest this tool.

Once some of the under-shadow has been removed, see if any of the bulge has anything to do with the physical shape of the body. If so, you can once again use the Cone Stamp to thin out the shape.

How would you like to see an example? It might click everything said above into place. Before precedes after:



Fit as a fiddle, if I do say so myself. This was very quick and more time might yield more realistic results. For instance, I'm not entirely happy with the light/shadow boundary, I think it looks a little too sharp, but with a 'flatter' object (belly), the sharper the transition is anyway. More texture wouldn't have hurt on the stomach area, neither...

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well if everybody try it .. this is mine post, i used magic wand at 50% and bulge on left side, then clone stamp, as i said before im new but i notice something very interesting in all the pics posted, we all removed the belly but not its shadow, so eventhough theres no belly (left side to be precise) the belly's shadow form still there..... well this is what i tryed....15750_791a60389c5f2a4725d0c0675d1de2ae

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