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Moving a selection

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Well, this is a basic operation, but when i select an area and i try to move it with the "move selection" tool, the selected area is resized as if i were dragging the nubs.

How can i move a selected area?

According to the tool-tip i should be able to move it by simply dragging it :)

help me please,


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You are probably trying to move a very small selection. This is a known issue.

Please note that your cursor does not have to be inside of the selection to move it.

Just look for your mouse to change into the filled pointer, then click-and-hold to move the selection.

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ok, i now managed to move the selection.

Other problem, i'd like to copy a piece of the picture and then paste it in another position on the same picture.

How to do that? When i select an area and use "edit/copy" and then "edit/paste" nothing happens.

Thanks for help

EDIT : i solved my myself :D

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