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Finding the Plug-In

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Is there a search function which lets me search for the functionality of a plugin? i.e. not by the name chosen by the author, not by the author's name,



I migrated from PaintShopPro to Paint.NET. In PSP I used brush shapes (either custom or pre-defined) to change the shape of the paintbrush tip and paint with that.

I have searched the forums for "brush", "Brush tip" & "brush tip shape" to find the plug-in which does that.

I know how and where to install the .dlls


Here's an image of what I want to do, which is to fill an irregular area (shown in solid white) with a floral lace pattern while maintaining the top edge of the lace congruent with the top of the irregular shape, so I can't just do a select and cut because that leaves the lace rectangular, not related to the shape.post-142434-0-46262400-1460834983_thumb.';



What plugin will do this, please? If anybody can tell me its name, I know how to do the rest.

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Have a look at the Plugin Browser plugin. It allows you to search by keywords.

Brush tips: Custom Brushes

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I'm sure this plugin will do the job you want TR's Custom Shape Filler

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Another approach would be to first distort the lace layer to match the curve of the shape. Then place  a copy of the shape on a layer above the lace layer. The shape can then be selected/inverted then deleted back on the lace layer.

To distort the lace you could try, 'Gridwarp','Liquify' or for the shape shown even 'Sine wave distort' may work. Links in plugin index.


I hope I haven't misunderstood what you are trying to achieve. ;)


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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