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FileType plugin, what I really want is an export plugin


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So I have my write only FileType plugin working, but it has this side effect like all the others that the source image gets named to the file you saved to.  While this seems normal for plugins that read and write, for plugins that are really Export and only save, this is confusing to have your image name changed (and added to recent files list).


I noticed other similar plugins have the same issue (CSV plugin).  Is there something I am missing that would fix my plugin?

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Once you use Save As... to save a file in a particular format the file name paint.net shows indicates the target file format. If you use Save subsequently, paint.net will not prompt you for new save parameters unless you have edited the image beyond the capabilities of the file format (like adding layers).


In short, the indicated file name shows what file format will be saved if you hit Save.

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Yes, but my point is I am not truely saving, I am exporting.  If I don't support loading (and I don't), there is no need to have the file in the recent list either, as you can't load it.


So it seems there is no true Export path? So that would be request for a new feature?

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