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Possibility of C# in paint.net

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Hello everybody,


I'm working often with paint.net and i would like if it is possible to use a request/queries to change automaticaly layers' properties ?

Or maybe : there is a plugin to do this, import layers preferences has to be change ? (how ?)

In fact i want to import all my layers with theses properties :

fusion mode : mult / opacity : 100


I'm still using scriptlab and codelab but i don't know what i should enter in Codelab to do it.


Sorry if my english isn't perfect and tell me if you don't understand my question.

Thanks !

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Hi Jerome - welcome to the forum :D


Plugins cannot change the layer parameters/settings. Here's a list of what can and cannot be done Click Me. Note bullet points one and three.

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Thanks for your answer.

Theses possibilities will be reachable in next Paint.net updates ? :)


Maybe could i use macro soft which record windows tasks and actions to replay it after ? Have you some suggestions ?

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Paint.nets plugin system is unlikely to change. It needs to be very robust and completely enclosed. If a plugin can modify other parts of an image (like other layers) this greatly increases the complexity of the system and the potential for errors. Like I said, unlikely to happen.

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