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Who can give me all plugin in one file?

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who can help me about it?

I want to download all plugins but downloading all of them and search for file is it easy job if some one have all plugin (Most plugins) please upload it for me and other users on one file.

Thanks. :oops:

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No-one can help you as such.

Hello Hamed.

The situation is, if someone was to collect all the plugins and make them available in one, easy download, they would have to gain permission from every plugin author, simply because redistribution is in direct violation of the copyright each author holds with their plugins. Some authors are unreachable, rendering that impossible. Whilst it has been partly done before, if was only that: partial.

The great thing now is, most of the prominent plugin authors have bundled all their many plugins into one download, so all you need to do is download one 'pack' per writer. What's even better is that all these packs are stickied to the Plugin section, which means they're on the top of the first page. Many tens of effects can be downloaded in a matter of minutes, with installation equal in time.

This does not account for the singular plugins, but that is easy enough.

What you could do, though, is keep a back-up of your plugins in a separate location to the installed ones. Once you have extracted the DLL, copy one to your Effect folder as you normal would, and copy one also to another folder, elsewhere on your drive. If you ever find yourself in the predicament where you need to restore them, you don't need to go through the rigmarole of downloading all of them again; it's there for you already.

I hope some of this has helped you.

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The closest you can get to a big plugin pack is Ash's Google page site as it has links to all of the important plugins. The new ones however are not there but they are easy to find (page 1 of the plugins section).

Ash's Google page can be foundhere.

Hope this helps

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