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Please help creating a texture.

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You can build such texture by adding some half transparent layers filled by plugin "Random Shape Fill" (only white circles, then edited by "Object Bevel" and "Wobble") and a mid grey background.


That's the look:



And if you take a second similar image, invert the colors and overblend both half transparent, it looks like that:



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I may be able to offer some useful suggestions, but I need to know more what you want to achieve. For example (and perhaps primarily), do you want to have an identifiable image behind the watery texture, or do you just want the general impression of light and dark areas?

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In the water-drop tutorials using Random Shape Fill, it's interesting to substitute TR's Custom Random Filler with some drip-like shapes in place of the circles. I suggest some round shapes along with some more teardrop-shaped drips, all against a transparent background. Make sure the rotation keeps the drops dripping downward, but with a bit of variation, and that there's some range to the shrinkage for variety. Round shapes are probably best for the smaller drops, and the teardrop shapes for the larger drops, since gravity overcomes surface tension as the size increases.

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