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I want to know if it is possible to have a color palette with more then 92 colors? The want of this is http://www.tigercolor.com/color-lab/Palette-collections/color-palettes.htm I would like to use these palettes. I just don't want to break them up. The top palette has 259 colors. If this has already been answered please give me a link. I didn't find anything.

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No, there is no way of extending Paint.NET Color window palette beyond the 96 available colour spaces. You would have to break it up to allow more.

You do have a few options open to you, though. For one, you can browse the Palette topic to see if you can find a suitable substitute for the palettes on that Website. For another, you could save the palettes from Tigercolor as a PNG image, have that open as well when you work and colour pick your desired colour when you need it.

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