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I just signed up to be a member so I am a newbie. I was wondering if anyone knows how to make a animal look like a ghost or maybe there is a plugin that will help make them. I am very new to paint.net and love it.


Thank you all in advance, any help would be great...

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I want to take 2 different pictures merge them and then make the animal in the picture look like a ghost type figure.


I get to use my Dads computer and I am hoping they get me my own computer for my 17th birthday in 2 months. I have drawn a lot of pictures and I wish to take it to a new level by doing computer art using Paint.net.


So I hope I am explaining this ok.

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Do you mean something like this?


LOL, if you don't look closely, that looks like a two-legged elephant.


I get to use my Dads computer and I am hoping they get me my own computer for my 17th birthday in 2 months.


That's pretty lucky. When I was a kid, if I wanted a computer (or anything else beyond food, clothes, shelter, ect.), I had to get it on my own. My family always had a computer, but I got my own when I was 14. It was composed of second-hand parts, and so were all my computers during my teenage years.

(September 25th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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Yes iron67 I would like to try that. It looks like you can make it look like a ghost. So if someone would teach me how to do that it would be awesome. I learn really fast when it comes to art other things not so much. Sometimes I get yelled at because all I want to do is art...

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No need for any plugin, just extract the animal image using various tools within PDN like Magic wand, erraser, etc. Then put the extracted image on a layer above the other image and play with layer Opacity and Blending modes. Here is a quick example, I set Blending Mode to Glow and reduced the Layer Opacity to 77 on the dog.



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That is so cool. That is what I wanted to do thank you so very much for your help on this. When I am done with this project can I upload it to the forum so I would be able to have you experts look it over to see what else I could have done or do you have to have a lot of experience before they allow you to do so...

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I see two variants.

#1: You have a single image with an animal and it should appear like a ghost on the same image.

My steps:

  1. cloning the background layer with the original image (for safety), later deleting the original layer after step #3
  2. in the new layer using Clone Stamp to completely overpaint the animal with the landscape behind
  3. copying the animal from original layer in an new layer on top and erasing all remnant pieces of landscape around the body
  4. maybe adjusting color of the animal
  5. adusting Blending Mode (in my case: Addition) and Opacity of the "Animal"-Layer so that the landscape from underlying layer becomes visible through the body
  6. merging the layers, saving image

#2: You want copy an animal from one image to another.

same procedure without cloning the layer and overpainting, instead only copying the isolated animal in a new layer of the other image


The only plugin you possibly need is one for feather/smoothing the edges of the isolated / cutted animal. You could use "Tweak Transparency V2" (from Red ochre) with "edge color" and "middle color" on "source", "blur radius" <10 and "Min" ~100


I am willing to pay for it if there is such a thing.



LOL. You don't need to pay for anything here except to pay time for training.

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You may want to convert the animal image to black and white. I think it looks more ghostly.


Here is an example:




I converted the wolf to B&W with Adjustments>Hue/Saturation with Saturation 0 and Lightness 26.

I set the wolf layer's blend mode to Screen, and the Opacity to 150.

I added a bit of glow to the wolf with Effects>Photo>Glow with Radius 3, Brightness -30, and Contrast 42.


Other effects can be used to make the animal look more spectral. For example, I liked the look of applying Effects>Blurs>Zoom Blur with the Center on the wolf's nose, and the Zoom Amount set to 12. It might be spooky to make the animal black and white, but color the eyes.


(Note: in case it's not obvious, the logo on the wolf is because it's a watermarked stock photo.)

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