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Color value and hue keeps changing by 1


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I'm trying to use very specific colors in Paint.net, but every time I change a color manually the value/hue changes by 1 and it's frustrating me right now because every time I set a color to have a value of, say, 50, when I use the eyedropper tool the value shows as 49. I can't find anyone else with this problem so I'm wondering is it just something I'm doing wrong??

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Paint.net uses RGB, so the HSV amounts are just estimations. When you use the eyedropper/Color Picker tool, it fetches the RGB value and does the HSV conversation as accurately as possible, but as you have noticed, there are rounding issues.


That's just the way it is. The two color modes (RGB & HSV) are not interchangeable, and there's really no way to 100% accurately convert from one to another.

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