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Color Range effect


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... but it even though I used the color picker, the color doesn't appear in the plug-in, it defaults to white.


Hmm, I'm experiencing the same situation described above by AgentGoodSpeed.


Fixed. Primary color now color by default.


I looked at the source code, and I am wondering: why are you using the double type for the color channels? Surely the int type would be sufficient, as there aren't any operations in the script that would produce numbers with decimal places.


I'll work on it today. Thanks for the tip.

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ReMake, this plugin is WONDERFUL!  It's easy to use and with very little tweaking, it achieves a near flawless recoloring. It just looks so smooth.....no splotches!





Thank you, ReMake!     :mrviolet:     :star:  :star:  :star:       :beer:  :pizza:  :mtdew:  :cake:

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