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Material Design Theme

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Yeah, that idea does seem rather ridiculous.
User Interface design 101: Use the HIG for the specific platform.
Of course the MS Windows HIG could be ignored and something like MaterialSkin could be used, but I doubt Rick Brewster wouldn't be interested in doing that.

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Not ridiculous, but also not likely.  :)  It's not something that could be added via plugins, so it would fall to the single developer on the project, and I very much doubt it would happen.  As Toe said, it wouldn't really fit with the Windows look and feel.


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A Material Design plugin would get someone lots of love and respect.  I have never viewed Paint.net as a Microsoft centric product (since it's free it closer resembles open source) and see no reason why Material Design would conflict with Paint.net's constitution.


I wish I could develop that plugin.  It would surely become a top plugin quickly.


I need that plugin!

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A Material Design plugin? What would such a plugin do? Create prototype mockups or something?


If you're wanting a plugin to give paint.net a custom Material Design UI, a plugin can't do that.

Even Google says to use a platform's own design language. https://youtu.be/iJDoxOTyMdk?t=3237


17 minutes ago, rhroyston said:

...since it's free it closer resembles open source...


Paint.net hasn't been Free Software or Open Source for a number of years now. It is freeware.

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