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How To Restore Damaged, Old Picture


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Level : Intermediate to Advance User


Plugin :


2. MV Wireworm ( A Photoshop Plugin )


Intro :


There're several ways to restore damaged old picture using Paint.NET. In this tutorial I'll use a combination of MV Wireworm plugin ( just something like healing brush ) and clone stamp to get what do you seen in the after picture.




About MV Wireworm and the great examples : http://vicanek.de/plugins/wireworm.htm



How To Do It :


1. Open a picture ( Thanks Pixie for providing me this sample picture  ! ) in Paint.NET. For this tutorial I cropped some of the area to make my work with clone stamp a lot easier.




2. Run 8bf filter, then choose MV Wireworm. A small window like this will popped out.




Choose your selection area by clicking the area and bring your cursor as far as you can/want.  


3. Click on the selected area and move your cursor until the selected area 'moving'. Move it until you find an area that matched/suitable. Do the things until you're done with all cracks or dots.


Some good guides about this plugins :




4. After healing all cracks and dots, use clone stamp to recover the disappearing area.





Do it until you get the finish product like this :





You can do it better than me. 


All The Best !



( p/s : Pixey, I hope you'll love this post-restoration picture...  :D  <3  <3  <3  )




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