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Map of Life Cooperative Art Event

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What is a tree, a snail, a butterfly, a human?

Besides the way they might be described or defined by a scientist or a poet, each discrete object and organism can be seen as an end point on an imaginary road which winds through building blocks of matter-energy from its source.

Back-tracking on a metaphorical human road, we travel from the organism through clusters of organs and systems, cells, molecules, atoms and elementary particles.

The beginning of this road is the field of strings, theorized by physicists and intuited by mystics. The strings vibrate with the intensity of multiple dimensions, singing the universe into a dance of existence.

The strings are the creative source of all beauty, peace and harmony.

The vision of the Map of Life is a graphic designed to evoke a feeling of the connections and continuity from the 'singing strings' through the building blocks into daily human life.

Vision River composed the collage below for use by artists who are called to create an image which may become part of the Map of Life. Contact Vision River for details on what is sought for this fun and challenging project!


Map of Life Cooperative Artwork Event!


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