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Clipping pics accidentally

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Hi all-

Let me start with a thank you and kudos  to all of you who make this wonderful program and plugins and share it for free.  I am totally new to any type of photo program and before this was doing a trial of corel software but found this site and just love the program and the idea of a community of users/developers.

   I am a complete and utter noob with this or any photo program.  At this time I'm trying to learn about photo manipulation.  About 90% of what I am doing right now is just playing around with images, cutting, pasting, composing to make something new and usually silly.

The issue I keep running into when using layers is that I somehow will cut an image.  Sometimes when I move the image partly off screen-it gets clipped and  it's gone, other times it all comes back.  The problem is I don't know when it's going to happen. It also occurs when I go from 1 layer to another. I can do the same thing twice (it seems) and one time get my image back the next time it's clipped.  

What am I doing?  How can I safely manipulate a layered image to not clip it? 

Help is appreciated because right now I'm starting over after a lot of work since ctrl z can't even save some of those.

I've seen a tutorial on using layers but didn't catch it if they addressed this.

A general question: can the pop up tool bar be personalized?


Any tool suggestions that would be helpful in creating composite images would be appreciated as well.  

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It gets clipped because it was deselected.  If you don't wish to lose a part of your photograph, I would either resize the canvas to a larger size to keep it on the canvas until such time as you have either resized it to the size that's appropriate or it has been cropped or manipulated to your liking/needs.  Once everything is situated to your liking, you can then reduce the canvas back down to your liking by selecting a rectangular space outlining the desired portion of the finished image and then crop to the selection.


To elaborate, when you deselect an image that is only partially on the canvas (your work space), Paint.net thinks you are done with that and drops the portion that is not on the canvas.  Obviously, if you are only temporarily placing it and move to something else to adjust, then you can only have 1 item selected: the one you are currently dealing with.  This is why resizing the canvas can be helpful to you.  It keeps everything on the canvas without losing any portion of it.

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In addition to the explanations above, I find it useful to keep a spare (.png) copy of any 'objects' I have laboriously cut from their backgrounds.
Either keep these in a separate folder, well named, or keep on an 'invisible' layer within the .pdn file (inside the canvas bounds). That way you always have an un-clipped copy for later editing.


Welcome to the forum too! ;)


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