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Starry image with glassy text

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This tutorial is dedicated to johnnysdream, who are curious about how I'm doing this image :




Well this tutorial is a combination of Red Ochre's Clipward plugin ( either one can work ) and an adaptation to a Photoshop tutorial made by Jenny Le.



There're two parts to complete in order to achieve the desired results. But firstly lets open any image to start the tutorial :







First Part : 'Ice Castle' text.


1. Create a new layer. Type the text into the new layer. Use wide-bodied fonts, large size- larger than 30 points- to achieve the results.




2. Select the text. Run Boltbait's Bevel Selection plugin in this settings :





3. Run Red Ochre's Object Edge plugin in this setting :




4. Copy BG layer to clipboard. Return to Text layer and run Clipwarp plugin ( older or new version ). For creating the effect in the picture below, just follow the setting :





5. Duplicate Text layer. Change the blending mode either to Additive or Screen.






Then merge that two Text layers into one. Now we are done with the first part.





Second Part : Starry Background




1. Create a new layer between Text layer and BG layer. Fill it with black colour.






2. Add noise to this new layer. My personal choice is Red Ochre's Noise Choice plugin.






3. Go to Effects>Color>Threshold. Run that in this setting :




Duplicate the layer twice in the way you like- to make it three for sure. 



4. At the first Layer 3 layer, run Motion Blur in this setting :





5. Run Motion Blur on second Layer 3 layer on this setting :





6. Run Gaussian Blur with this setting on the third layer of Layer 3 :






7. Change the blending mode of the second and third layer of Layer 3 to Screen. Merge Layer 3 layers into one and rename it Sparkles. Copy the layer three times to make it four. Rename that so you wouldn't get confused.






Change the blending mode of Sparkles2, Sparkles3 and Sparkles4 into Screen. Merge those layers to Sparkles. Then change the blending mode into Color Dodge and you will see stars on your background image :





8. Duplicate Sparkles layer, and run Gaussian Blur on duplicated layer with strength 2px. Run Level to adjust the brightness of the stars.





9. Copy BG layer. Set the blending mode to Overlay.




Run Gaussian Blur on it with this setting :





Set Opacity level with this setting : 






And now we are done !



Here are the final results- slightly different from the one I made for The Pictorium, but both images were made with the same steps :




Hopefully this tutorial can put smiles in johnnysdream's face and so to the others who are interested in making starry background.



Can't wait to see what the others can do with this tutorial !



All The Best !

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