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Support typographic font families

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Many fonts come in more than the four basic subfamilies of Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic. For example there's Semibold, Light, Thin, Black and their Italic styles. Professional type setting software like Illustrator, InDesign, and others I don't know group font families by their real name and list all available subfamilies (styles) in a second dropdown list. There are no simple "B" and "I" buttons for Bold and Italic anymore because there's much more than that.


Windows 7 and 10 also show these groups in the control panel fonts view. Inside each family you can see all available subfamilies, for example with Segoe UI.


It would be nice to have paint.net support this family grouping as well. It brings all styles of a font closer together and makes them easier to select. And it cleans up the font families list because each family only appears once instead of multiple times.


And it brings the full support of all subfamilies closer to all users so maybe eventually the limited support of the four basic styles will be upgraded in all applications some day…

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Not gonna lie, for a moment I thought this was a spam bot asking for monetary support for some charity or something...


I like this suggestion. I had a lot of fonts on previous computers, and it started getting to be a problem because of this.

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