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Color Sketch effect


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Pixey, а fine example of the vintage image.


Pixey and Eli, thank you for your wonderful pets.


dipstick, good sketch.


Seerose, this 'smooth water' is very romantic.


sashwilko, ducks in the city - it is unexpected and interesting.



Thanks to all for sharing your works.

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What a wonderful plugin, Remake!    :)





Thank you so much for making it. The color option is great.    :beer:  :pizza:  :mtdew:  :cake:

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re-hosted image
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Here come my first tests of the plugin on this source image: 199x_Dodge_Viper_Defender_Concept_Car_Si


A couple of quick plays combining a couple of techniques (both the bluish shades on the first car and the brownish/yellowish shades on the second car come from this plugin).






I know these need some more work to look more sketchy and professional (the shadings can be improved for example), but I think they look acceptable for a quick first testing smile3.gif


Thanks again, ReMake! I'll definitely go on playing with this toy hi.gif

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I'm sorry, but today I discovered that the updated effect doesn't work the way it should. I apologize to everyone who uploaded the wrong plugin. I recompiled it and re-posted it in the first post. Now the effect works correctly. Please update it again.

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