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Star Wars Hologram Filter

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@ReMake just posted a tutorial on a new plugin he has created http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/107483-codelab-first-steps-color-sketch/


Reckon the technique that created the second image would make a close approximation of that spaceship. So try this...



Invert Colors effect (Adjustments -> Invert Colors or apply a combination of keys Ctrl+Shift+I).

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This is kind of a cool tutorial : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/28305-mini-tuts/#entry408858


You could also try placing the hologram object on it's own layer, then apply an effect to it, and then lower that layer's opacity.
(how to use layers?)

Here are some plugins you might like, that you could apply to your object to make it look like a hologram:





Or you could add a new layer above your object's layer, and render some lines. Then lower the opacity of both your object layer and the lines layer.

Here are some nice line plugins:





If you want to make some light rays for your hologram, here is a plugin and tutorial that you might find helpful:




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I assume you're after something kind of like this:



To get the lines, I used Ed Harvey's Stylize>Halftone plugin with the Shape set the Line Centered, the Size set to 4, the Angle set to 0, and the Contrast and Brightness adjusted to get a relative clear, detailed image. I then applied a Gaussian Blur with a radius of 1. I followed this with a Photo>Glow.


The color's overly blue, but I'll explain the basic idea anyway. After erasing the photo's background, I duplicated the image. On the top layer, I used the Halftone and Gaussian Blur method just described, with the Secondary color set to bluish. The lower layer was disabled. I then set the top layer's blend mode to multiply and enabled the lower layer. I adjusted the lower layer's saturation to get a bluish cast with some color (I could have used more color). I merged the layers, then applied the Glow.


EDIT: After looking at some Google images, I found the Star Wars holograms were usually bluish, not green, so I recolored the image. I'm not sure it's better, though. Maybe I'll try to improve it later on.

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It would probably look better flickering.



Gonna give people a seizure like that! :P Maybe try a 4-frame animation: 100%, 75%, 50%, 75% transparency.  Much easier on the eyes. :)


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Looking nice and quite close to the holograms in the movies, I think!


Perhaps the hologram may be a little more transparent so that you can see more of the background through the hologram, if I correctly remember the see-through features of holograms in the Star Wars movies, but all in all looking nice for a quickie.

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