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i made a stormy tree. [help?]


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how does this look?

i dont like it all the way.

like, something's not right about it, but i can't fix it.

i think its the shadow behind the tree, and there's no light coming from behind the clouds, but i dont know how to fix that.

oh, i added some yellow behind the clouds, and it looks a litttttle better, because theres some yellow highlights on the grass. but its still not right.

any suggestions or comments?


its pretty slow loading, even though i reduced the size... sorry. :/

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besides the feather plug-in you might also try this: smooth, soften edges and gaussian blur to smooth your edges. I like the color of your grass and i.m.o. I would not darken it I would try to lighten a bit the tree, instead (after softening its edges). Overall I like it.

Ciao ciao

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