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Windows 7 SP1 or newer Required" error what can i do

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Hi Ken - Welcome to the forum :D


Ok.  Let's take this step-by-step and find out if SP1 is correctly installed


Start Menu > Computer (right hand sidebar) + Right click > Properties (alternatively Control Panel > System and Security > System)
Under the heading "Windows Edition" does it say SP1 is installed?
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I have the same problem, though SP1 is listed in 'upgrades' (?) but not listed as shown in the pic above. (toshiba 505 w/W-7)

I now have 3.5(?) installed, it works just fine. How much benefit is there to the newest version(s)?



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Tons of new features, and more coming soon.


Plus, we can't provide any support on the forum for older versions of the program.


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From what I know, Paint.net 4.0 requires Windows 7 SP1 or newer, but not the older versions. I would recommend downloading an older version like 3.5.6 like I did until I can figure out the issue. I am indeed running on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (Or at least that's what it said on the box when I bought it) and came across this issue myself when I was trying to make a Minecraft resource pack. You may have to get it from an alternate site though, because for me I couldn't get 3.5.6 from getpaint.net, so yeah.


Also, if I just broke a forum rule by mentioning alternate sites, I apologize and plz have mercy on me admins.

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