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is paint.net the right choice for us?

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our school's webmasters want to create a banner that's a mountain view panorama (2-3 images stitched together) with transparent images of students layered on top with some text. we have no budget $ and are looking for free software we can all use. is paint.net the right choice for us? thank you!

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Yeah, there are several options for you! Paint.NET, ArtWeaver, and The GIMP are all excellent and (legally) free raster image editors. Of those, each has their own strengths. The GIMP is the closest to PhotoShop of all those editors, but is also the most difficult to understand. Paint.NET is the most approachable and easy to use, making it a great entry-level image editor. ArtWeaver has a vast array of paintbrush styles and options, making it great for digital painting.

It's up to you which you choose. From what you said up there, I figure any of those programs would work. If there's any doubt which one you need, download 'em all! :wink:

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