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Text Logo - help.

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Hi everybody, i have 3 doubts decided to put all togheter here. I've been struggling since yesterday to make a cool text logo for my website...untill now no sucess, i tried all the plugins i've downloaded from here... and looked at the tutorials for texts too, but i can't find the right mix to make my text look something smooth.

I feel abit ashamed to show this as people here are so skilled and my text cause looks something messy and awful... i'm begginer. I just need some tips and ideas on how to make this looks better? Thanks


My Paint.net keeps crashing and i lose all what i was doing, anyone know how i can recover my lost windows and everything, is it possible?


How can i get this dots gradient effect? (I'm also spent whole day trying to get this effect) Tried all circles effects i have, (but maybe there are more which i dont have yet) so please help!



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Hello kml,


I guess there are many ways to create the dots. This is one:

1. Color your background layer.

2. Add a new layer and use the Stipple effect to create dots. ( I used it twice to obtain two colors)

3. Desaturate the dots.

4. Change/reduce the layer's opacity.


I hope this helps. :)



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Thanks :) i will try, i've managed to make those dots with some effect but i haven't managed to make them straight and lined :)  any suggestion to make them lined like in the image?


I was able to do it (very happy lol) using this plugin i found: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/4175-grid-maker-plugin/?hl=%2Bdots+%2Bplugin

It gave me the lined dots effect... now i just have to work on the saturation... :lol:

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I'm feeling very lost here... i want do many things and i can't, i don't know what plugins are right for what, i would spend a very long time to read what all plugins do, and it sounds very confusing to do so this way, i wonder if there is any video tutorials series similar to a course, where everything goes togheter? I hope not be misunderstood, my english is not very good to explain things very well, i think what i want to say is everything is so disperse in here, im lost i will probabily be stuck in everything i try do, im already stuck and wishing there would be a step by step course :) how you people have learning to do things and how long it took? Thanks

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Do not dispair kml, I am glad you found how to produce your aligned dots. 


When I need some help I usually use the Paint.NET Search engine. It is a good place to start when you need or want to do something.


There is also the Tutorials Section for people who just start using a paint/drawing/image editing program and for those that want to venture and use some advanced techniques. 


Thanks! to the many unselfish programmers/coders, there are over 600 hundred working effects or plugins and they do wonderful things. Install only what you need, to many effects slow down Paint.NET.


It is also easy to get lost among so many effects.  However, there is a Plugin Browser that is handy when you have lots of effects and you do not remember where they are.


There is also Paint.net Documentation that explains just about every function of the program.

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