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Editing (and exporting) the alpha channel

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I'm creating a texture for a model to be used in a computer game, and the game engine looks to the alpha channel of an image for rim highlight information.

Our artists can edit the alpha map separately in photoshop, and export a dds with all the colour info and alpha detail in tact but I'm wondering if its possible with Paint.net? All my attempts so far have either led to zero'd colour where there is alpha or to no alpha.

Can anyone explain how this is possible with Paint.net if it is please?

Many, many thanks if so! :)

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Tell me if I am wrong but the game is Warcraft 3 right? :P

Well, I asked this a while back for the same reason and so far, for me the best mothed is using Extract channel found under the effects menu (somebody just needs to say if it is part of Paint.net and if not where to get it).

You just duplicate until you have 4 of the same picture then extract a different channel on each one (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha).

Is that what you wanted?

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