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optimize image for web publishing

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The answer to that question would depend upon what size requirements the web site has and what size your picture is to begin with.


You don't need to use a percentage amount of reduction, you can specify the size to resize a photo.  Of course this too would be dependent upon the existing dimensions of the photo.


To specify a new size based solely on the dimensions, go to the menu selection, "Image" and then select "Resize".  The default selection is to resize by dimensions, so simply put in the desired dimensions to that of the web site.  Of course, you may need to crop your image first if it is more of a square photo and you desire a more rectangular image.  Also it may also be necessary to remove the check mark from the line that reads, "Maintain Aspect Ratio".


Play with it a bit before saving so you can get a feel how it works - you can always undo what you've done and retry other settings until you're satisfied with your results.


On a side note, depending upon how the photo is used, some web sites have options to simply display an image at a size different from what it actually is.  I would recommend you learn as much about the various options of the web site before you actually modify the photo to determine if it is actually necessary to physically resize it.

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Adding to what Jim has said, some images lend themselves to the jpg format - like photos. The format automatically optimizes the image by way of compression. You can specify how much compression is used. The downside is that quality suffers. Usually it is hard to detect the quality loss above 90%. This will create a smaller file which will download faster.

PNG is a great format for images which don't have the complexity of a photo. These can be further optimized with the tinypng or optipng tools.

One of the greatest optimizations you can make is to size your image to the size it will be displayed. Its a waste of bandwidth to serve a 3000x2000 pixel image when its being displayed at 620x480 pixels.

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