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My flickr site


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You show some interesting variations of the same images there. Good colour choices too. ;)
Unfortunately Flickr is not ideal for hosting images to this forum IMO. Perhaps if you uploaded your favourites to 'Imgur' or 'Photobucket' you could then paste the thumbnail BB links into this page?
There are some (slightly old) instructions of how to do that here:



Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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People "normally" upload their images to a hosting site and then use the image's codes to share the pictures here. BUT, people have also been known to share links to their galleries of whichever site they've chosen to be their hosting site, such as photobucket or DA. So, I'm sure linking to flickr is fine. :)



About your pictures,

I like the pictures I saw. Some were really cool looking and artistic. Nice work. :)

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Welcome to the forum, SunnySkies!


Some really interesting pics you've got, and the points of views in the photographs are very nice. I especially like the swirly version of the umbrella picture, it made me think of Van Gogh's "De Sterrennacht"  :D


Nice work, and thank you for sharing!


Oh, because I am allergic to things I do not want to do. *Cough*

- Michael J. Caboose

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Great set of images! You've captured a distinct feeling. Good work and welcome!   :)

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