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My new feature requests

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Here are my new feature requests: :imhappehtoo:


1) can PN remember where you placed any of the Adjustments pop-up windows on the screen? Why would this help? Say I need to adjust the Levels on 10 images. I open the first one, the Levels pop-up opens right in the center of the screen where it covers an important part of the image. So I have to move it to the corner of the screen. I adjust, close. Now I'm going to work on another image, I open that, and open the Levels and there it pops right in the center again. So every single time for every single adjustment you need to move the pop-up window out of the way and it's very annoying. If PN could remember where you last positioned any of these pop-ups, then we wouldn't have to repeat this all the time.


2) tools for dodging and burning that work through a paint-brush kind of tool.


3) tint and temperature adjustments


I think that's all! :) :)  :trophy:


Thanks again for the great software!

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Hello Sunnyskies,


There is an effect that will help with your dodge and burning, it is called TR's Dodge and Burn. This effect can help you to blur, saturate, desaturate, blur and change hues as well.


Oh, great, great, great! Thanks for telling me - I didn't know these plugins existed for PN!!! :) :) :music: :music: :music::grin: :grin: :imhappehtoo: :imhappehtoo:


I did a little test and it worked. Can't wait to try it on a real need!

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